Sincarnate announces new drummer and new album!

sincarnate new drummer and new album 2016

We are glad to announce Andrei Jumuga, (known for his activity in Syn Ze Sase Tri, Transceatla, Blutrina, Spiritual Ravishment, Ordinul Negru, Warchant, Stellar Soul, Nocturn) as the new Sincarnate drummer. His addition to the band ends a difficult period in which the lineup problems have delayed the work on the new album and made live shows impossible.

Sincarnate is about to finish the preparations for the recordings of the second Sincarnate LP (and the fourth official material), planned to be realeased this year.

The new Sincarnate album will be entitled IN NOMINE HOMINI.

Sincarnate and Bloodway announce a concert in Cluj

Hatework and Flying Circus Club are inviting you to a special evening, entitled The Recall of Self Crafted Human Nature, held on Thursday, the 25th of September, beginning with 21:00.


Sincarnate plays at the METALHEAD Meeting 2014

Sincarnate is part of the upcoming METALHEAD Meeting 2014 Festival line-up, which will take place on the 7th of June, at the Arenele Romane in Bucharest.

At its second edition, the METALHEAD Meeting Festival 2014 invited some of the best bands the international and local scene has to offer to the time being: Sepultura (BRA), Moonspell (POR), Arkona (RUS), Endsight (GRE), Last Hope (BUL), Diamonds Are Forever (RO) and Sincarnate (RO).



Sincarnate plays in Club Colectiv, Bucharest, the 9th of May

We are glad to be invited as a “special guest” at the 20th anniversary of the Romanian technical death metal legends, Taine. The concert will be opened by Subliminal Damage, Taine launches with this occasion their new EP Ressurection and Sincarnate will close the show with a special playlist which will contain, in addition to songs from all records, a new composition. The entrance is free, so we await you in great numbers!

Sincarnate in Colectiv

Sincarnate in Colectiv

Sincarnate plays at the 1 Mai Rock Festival Sibiu!

The beautiful city of Sibiu hosts between 1 – 4 Mai this year the 4th edition of the 1 Mai Rock Festival Sibiu. The atrocities will take place on the stage of Bohemian Flow Art&Pub club in the Piata Mica nr. 26, where Sincarnate will play on the 2nd of Mai. The playlist will include songs from all our records but as well some new ones. Prepare for a show to remember!



More information about the festival, location, program and participating bands can be found here!

„Nothing Left to Give” – Sincarnate’s first official video!

A challenge has been accepted – and fulfilled!

Describing into frames the omonim song of Sincarnate‘s latest discographical effort – the new „Nothing Left to Give” EP – was not a challenge beyond acceptance for Costin Chioreanu of Twighlight 13 Media. His vision seems to have found a breach in the way Sincarnate delivers their quite rare discographic appearances and succeeded in displaying visually one of the most cryptically bands that thrive in the Romanian underground.

The video for Sincarnate‘s „Nothing Left to Give” song announces the Romanian band Sincarnate participation in the upcoming Massive Music Tour in Europe, headlined by the American death-metal monsters Nile, and sets a deadline for appearance of Sincarnate‘s next full-length recording in the spring of 2014.

Produced : Costin Chioreanu @ Twilight13Media


Powered by :
Hatework (

Lyrics :

Sometimes I need, I need to kill.

Sometimes I need, I need your skin, so I can feel,
I need your eyes so I can see,
I need your mouth, so I can spit.

Sometimes I need, I need to feed upon your fears,
So I can live ’till the end of time.

Sometimes I need, I need your ears so I can hear,
I need your feet, so I can walk,
I need your tongue, so I can talk.

Sometimes I need, I need to kill,
All of my dreams, so I can live, ’till the end of times.

This hunger that I feel; it is a curse.
I shouldn’t give in. There is no harm in searching for.
There is no hope. To want to bleed.
There’s nothing left to give.

Am I the only one, broken and undone,
Staring at the sun, waiting,
Waiting the end to come?!

I always need.

Sincarnate joins NILE’s “AT THE GATE OF SETHU 2013 EUROPEAN TOUR Part II”!

We are proud to announce that Sincarnate will support the almighty American death-metal gods Nile in the second part of their European “AT THE GATE OF SETHU” tour.


The “AT THE GATE OF SETHU 2013 EUROPEAN TOUR Part II” comprises not less than 29 dates, spread over the entire West and Central part of Europe.

Organized by Massive Music (Poland), headlined by Nile and co-headlined by the Canadians from Ex-Deo (project formed by Kataklysm members), the tour lines up also Svart Crown, Lost Soul and Saratan.  Sincarnate will join the tour for the last 6 dates, as follows:

24.09.2013 Copenhagen (Denmark) – Amager Bio
25.09.2013 Hamburg (Germany) – Markthalle
26.09.2013 Rostock (Germany) – Alte Zuckerfabrik
27.09.2013 Szczecin (Poland) – Slowianin
28.09.2013 Gdynia (Poland) – Ucho
29.09.2013 Torun (Poland) – Od Nowa

Visit our concert page for more detailed information on each of the dates, venues and tickets!

We would like to thank our label, Hatework, for making this possible.

See you along the road!

“As I Go Under” – a hidden track discovered by fans!

A few years past by already since the launch of Sincarnate‘s first full-length album, As I Go Underbut it seems that the record still has its really good hidden surprises.

Recently, the 11th, hidden track, giving the name of the album, has been discovered by the fans and made finally made public here:

This is the closure of a journey that went through

Song of Eternal Return

I Defy Absurdity

Getting Over Jocasta
On Earth, the Furthest

Unbearable Lightness of Guilt
Nurturing the Gods of Doubt
Doomed As We Are
Ecce Homo!
Rituals of Obnubilation

We hope you enjoyed it and are ready for the next chapter!

Sincarnate finished recording the first official video!

Sincarnate just finished the filming sessions for their first official video, meant to announce their next recording, which is planned to be released in this fall.

Filmed in Brasov and produced by the well-known Romanian artist Costin Chioreanu, the video will describe his surprising vision on one of the songs included in the future Sincarnate material, entitled “Nothing Left to Give”.

Sincarnate are currently recording the third official material, following On the Procrustean Bed – 2007 and As I Go Under – 2010.

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Sincarnate plays at November to Dismember Festival!